Dr. Chiodera – Class II restoration on second bicuspid – myQuickmat Forte kit

Class II restoration on second bicuspid – myQuickmat Forte kit

by Giuseppe Chiodera

dr Chiodera

Dott. Giuseppe Chiodera

Dr. Chiodera graduated in Dentistry at the University of Brescia. In year 2004 he won a scholarship at Kings College University of London. Member of Style Italiano, Dr. Chiodera is having a private practice in Italy since 2006 and his practice is mainly dedicated to conservative dentistry and endodontics. Dr. Chiodera is also very active as author of National and International Journal articles, as well as Lecturer in many Universities.


case report

A 50-years-old male patient without particular pathology came to our attention for periodical control; the X-Ray analysis evidenced a carious lesion on premolar 45 distal.
The following case shows the step-by-step direct composite restoration using the Polydentia myQuickmat Forte kit.

1: Pre-operative X-Ray view.

2: The quadrant under isolation.

3: The cavity after preparation, cleaning, caries removal and disinfection.

4: The premolar 45 equipped with LumiContrast sectional matrix and myWedge.

5.a: Incorrect matrix band positionning.

5.b: Correct matrix band positionning.

The correct positioning of the LumiContrast sectional Matrix is essential for a successful restoration of the proximal walls; the picture on the left shows the incorrect positioning of the matrix band; for the best restoration of the contact point, the matrix band must exceed the height of the proximal crown wall as shown on the right picture.

6: The cavity equipped with the myRing Forte, myWedge and LumiContrast sectional matrix. The myRing Forte embraces carefully the matrix band ensuring a faithful contact point restoration.

7: Etching of the cavity.

8: Bonding application.

9. Restoration of the distal interproximal wall.

10: #45 after restoration of the distal interproximal wall, removal of myRing Forte and detachment of the LumiContrast sectional matrix.

11: The occlusal cavity filled with composite before finishing and polishing.

12: Post-operative view of the restoration.

13: Side Post-operative view of the restoration.


The Polydentia myQuickmat Forte kit is a very effective system for posterior class II restorations. The myQuickmat Forte kit provides a strong separating ring for an effective teeth separation. The myRing Forte tines carefully embrace the matrix and, in combination with the myWedge ensure a perfect adaption of the matrix and a faithful contact point restoration.


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