Dr. Manauta – Class II Distal on second bicuspid – myCustom Rings Kit

Class II Distal on second bicuspid – myCustom Rings Kit

by Jordi Manauta

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Jordi Manauta

Jordi Manauta was born in Mexico City, where he graduated cum laude. in dentistry from UNITEC (Universidad Tecnológica de México) and apprentice of Dr. Miguel Angel Tamés (Mexico) and Dr. Walter Devoto (Italy). He continued his postgraduate studies in Operative and Aesthetics Dentistry Master in UIC (Universitat Internacional de Catalunya) in Barcelona. He is visiting professor in the Siena and Marseille University. He has developed various materials and instruments for aesthetic dentistry and photography in collaboration with international companies. He is the author of the book Layers (quintessence 2012). Scientific consultant for two European Journals. Author and co-author of many publications in international journals, he is frequently invited as a lecturer on these topics. He is dedicated to his private practice.


case report

A 22-year-old female came to our attention for periodical controls; in the X-Ray analysis we found carious lesions in both 35 and 25.
In the following case report we will show the step-by-step of the restoration on the tooth 25.

1: Pre-operative situation. The X-Ray analysis revealed a carious lesion on premolar 25, distal.

2: X-Ray view of the initial situation.

3: The quadrant under isolation. As first, a wooden wedge is placed.

4: A small amount of myCustom Resin is placed in contact with the proximal embrasures to exactly reproduce the proximal walls. After resin polymerization, the ring is positioned over the impression material. This step is very important as the ring should not touch the tooth.

5: A second layer of myCustom Resin is than added to incorporate the ring tines and polymerized. In this way, stronger ring tines are obtained.

6. View of the created myCustom Ring.

7. The cavity after preparation, cleaning, caries removal and disinfection.

8. The premolar 25 equipped with LumiContrast sectional matrix and the myCustom Ring. ThemyCustom Ring embrace carefully the matrix leading up to the perfect adaption of the matrix and reproducing faithfully the anatomy of the tooth.

9. View of the cavity filled with composite.

10. View of the restoration before finishing and polishing. The perfect adaption of the myCustom ring tines allows minimum interproximal finishing at the end of the restoration.

11. Post-op view of the restoration after finishing and polishing. An accurate proximal morphology is created between premolar 25 and molar 26.

12. Occlusal control after rubber dam removal.

13. 1-year control

14. X-Ray view of the pre-operative situation (left) and post-operative (right).


The perfect adaption of the matrix band to the proximal teeth walls is a common problem when dealing with Class II cavities. The myCustom Rings Kit provides a very effective and easy to use solution to overcome this difficulty, allowing the creation of very accurate contact points in class II restorations.


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