NEW Unica Proximal, the latest addition to the Unica anterior matrices family


NEW Unica Proximal,
the latest addition to the Unica anterior matrices family


Due to their simplicity and versatility, anatomical matrix systems and the injectable moulding technique are the most commonly used methods for reshaping the proximal areas of anterior teeth.1

Anterior matrix systems, in particular, include both flexible matrices such as Mylar strips and rigid matrices. The former can be challenging to use, as they lack the ability to contour vast areas, resulting in irregular contours and uneven contacts. The latter include putty indexes and pre-contoured posterior sectional matrices, both viable options in certain situations, but difficult to use when restoring multiple surfaces.2

Developed in cooperation with StyleItaliano, Unica Proximal brings anterior restorations improved control. This new anterior matrix does away with the need to cut or modify existing posterior sectional matrices and provides a form that ensures easy and secure adaptation and fit in the anterior region while removing the unnecessary labial, palatal and incisal extension of traditional matrices.

Its universal shape and contour for upper and lower mesial and distal teeth considerably simplify and expedite anterior restorations.
Unica Proximal stainless steel matrices have a thickness of 0.03 mm and are available in two shapes (standard and deep), designed to fit the contour of the anterior teeth labially, palatally and proximally.

Unica Proximal matrices are especially indicated for anterior restorations involving the proximal walls (Class III and IV, peg-shaped lateral incisors, diastema closures, partial and total veneering).

The easy-to-place cervical labiopalatal arch has the purpose of securing the matrix between the papilla and the tooth subgingivally, in order to improve matrix stability after placement. A wedge can be used to secure the matrix but it is not mandatory.
With a shape conceived to ensure an optimal fit on the anterior teeth, it affords better visibility and operatory field access than other solutions such as posterior sectional matrices.
The two universal shapes of Unica Proximal cover all clinical situations: Unica Proximal for standard cases and Unica Proximal Deep for perio applications with a flat papilla.
The thickness of the matrix (0.03 mm) provides an optimum combination of formability (burnishing) and rigidity.



  • faithful reproduction of the labial, palatal and proximal contours
  • allows unobstructed visibility and operatory field access, even when multiple matrices are placed at the same time
  • self-stabilising properties
  • longer cervical extensions than posterior sectional matrices
  • available in two sizes (standard and deep) to ensure an optimum fit on different incisor morphologies

With the introduction of Unica Proximal, clinicians can now choose from an extended line of matrices that covers all anterior restoration situations.

Unica and Unica Minideep matrices can prove very useful in demanding cases requiring the restoration of the cervical and proximal areas (complete veneer).
Unica Proximal is the ideal matrix for restoring only the interproximal margins, without involving the cervical region, when unobstructed access and clear visibility are essential for a successful procedure, even when working mesially and distally at the same time.

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Courtesy of Dr. Mohammed Al Hasani (Iraq)
Courtesy of Dr. Valentin Vervack (Belgium)

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