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Unica anterior

Unica anterior is the ideal matrix system for anterior restorations such as class III, IV, V, direct stratification composite veneers and shape modifications. Thanks to their contoured shape, the matrices of the system, Unica anterior and Unica minideep anterior adapt correctly to the different morphologies of all anterior teeth.
They allow the proximal and cervical margins to be restored at the same time, even in the presence of a rubber dam or gingival retraction cords, thus reducing the time needed for restoration. In addition, once the Unica matrices are positioned, they allow to visualise the final shape of the restoration, even before starting the procedure.

the one solution for anterior restorations


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Versatile system that allows to restore all anterior teeth

Restore interproximal and cervical margins with a single matrix

Reconstruct correct interproximal margins thanks to anatomically contoured matrices

Easy management of the cervical area: excellent predictability of the restoration and gingival retraction

Unica anterior matrices

myring myclip junior pediatric sectional matrix separator rings

Unica anterior matrix

a Polydentia classic for anterior restorations

Select Unica anterior for:


• maxillary central incisors
• maxillary lateral incisors
• canine teeth

Unica anterior matrix Polydentia

Unica minideep anterior matrix

even better adaptation on smaller anterior teeth

• specifically designed to adapt to smaller anterior teeth
• made of malleable material for even greater adaptability


Select Unica minideep anterior for:


• maxillary and mandibular lateral incisors
• mandibular central incisors
• conoid teeth
• triangular teeth
• peg laterals
• teeth with narrow cervical diameter

Unica anterior_minideep_matrices

clinical cases



We have created a collection of frequently asked questions from dentists to our Customer Service.
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kit contents

Unica anterior introkit – REF 6900

20 pcs. Unica anterior matrices

20 pcs. Unica minideep anterior matrices

40 pcs. myWedge XS

40 pcs. myWedge S

40 pcs. myWedge M

1 pc. myQuickmatrix Forceps


12 pcs. Unica anterior matrices– REF 6912

50 pcs. Unica anterior matrices – REF 6912

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matrix system
splinting instruments
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