Vista-Tec LupOn


Vista-Tec LupOn kit protects lenses and loupes systems thanks to its wide and durable polycarbonate shield. The shields, available in 2 sizes (M-Shield for Galilean loupes and L-Shield for prismatic/Keplerian loupes), fit into the support clips attached to the frame by the silicone bands oRings. Vista-Tec LupOn clips can also be used on spectacles with temple arms over 1 cm high. Click here for the assembly guide.

protective shields for loupes



How to buy the product

casi clinici


protect your lenses and loupes system

premium optical quality shields

disinfectable, durable and repleceable shields

autoclavable clips and silicone rings

Vista-Tec LupOn shields selection guide

use LupOn M-Shield (REF 5635) with Galilean loupes


use LupOn L-Shield (REF 5636) with prismatic loupes


Vista-Tec LupOn oRings selection guide

Select the most appropriate oRing dimension
(small, medium, and large) according to the temple arms’ size and thickness


Vista-Tec LupOn assembly video


We have created a collection of frequently asked questions from dentists to our Customer Service.
Read our answers to the most frequently asked questions.

kit content

Vista-Tec LupOn – REF 5633

1 pair LupOn clips

1 medium shield M-Shield

1 large shield L-Shield

3 pairs oRings S, M, L

product categories

matrix system
splinting instruments
tools and accessories

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