New Vista-Tec protective face-shields

protective face-shield

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We are proud to present the new Vista-Tec face-shields. These new products, which expand and update our historical family of protective devices, are created with advanced materials for a high level of protection. Vista-Tec protective systems are equipped with shields of excellent optical quality and lightweight design frames for increased comfort, even on long working days.
Vista-Tec ilGrande


The extended protection


Vista-Tec ilGrande is much more than an elegant face protection equipment. It is a statement of your love towards yourself, your practice and your patients. Its wide, resistant and replaceable polycarbonate shield grants a high level of protection against liquid splashes, while the premium optical properties provide pleasant and relaxed vision. Vista-Tec ilGrande also features a headband which makes it comfortable to wear on longer working days. Both frame and headband can be autoclaved for maximum safety.

Vista-Tec laStoria


The original face-shield


The elegant Vista-Tec face shield, appreciated by dental and health professionals since its conception in 1989, now redesigned with enhanced protection features. The ultra-lightweight face shield includes a resistant, replaceable polycarbonate shield that provides premium optical properties for a relaxed vision, reducing unnecessary eyestrain over longer work hours. Vista-Tec laStoria features a silicone headband that enables optimized stability and comfort.



Protective shields for thin-frame spectacles and loupes


ClipOn enables fixing a shield on spectacles. The practical ClipOn clips provide support for both ClipOn shield and the larger L-shield, ideal for Galilean loupes. ClipOn clips can be inserted on spectacles or loupes with temple arms of a maximum height of 1cm.

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