Dr. Sigrist – Periodontal Splinting – F-Splint-Aid Slim

Periodontal Splinting – F-Splint-Aid Slim

by Lukas Sigrist

case report

The female patient (77 years old) with good dental hygiene is severely troubled by the increased mobility of tooth 31. Despite missing teeth in the posterior lateral dental region, the patient wants to avoid a (partial) denture.
After consultation a generalised superficial marginal periodontitis with simultaneous occlusal trauma of tooth 31 was diagnosed.
The following case shows the splinting of tooth 31 with the other mandibular incisors.

1: Pre-operative situation, buccal view of the front mandible

2: Pre-operative situation, lingual view of the front mandible.

3: X-ray image of the mandible incisors.


After examining the occlusion, the enamel of the mandibular incisors is etched. With the heightened mobility of several teeth, initially it is recommended to lightly fix the desired position of the teeth by applying a bonding agent or a flowable composite in the interdental space.

This provides a stable working base. Then the F-Splint-Aid Slim fiberglass ribbon is neatly and precisely adjusted using the application clips. The clips facilitate an ergonomic operation, assisting in the positioning of the splint and allowing the fiberglass ribbon to be pushed well into the approximal region. In the desired position, the fiberglass ribbon can then be polymerised. After the removal of the clips, the fiberglass ribbon is covered with the flowable composite and the work is finalised.

5: Post-operative lingual view of the splinting.

6. Post-operative buccal view after preparing the splinting. There is no aesthetic impairment and cleaning of the interdental spaces is not hindered. .


In no time at all Polydentia’s F-Splint-Aid Slim enables the easy and inexpensive periodontal splinting of mobile teeth. As splinting with this system can be designed very delicately, it is also very well tolerated by patients. It works without disturbing the function or affecting the teeth aesthetically.


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