Dr. Saracinelli & Nicolò – Direct stratification composite veneers – Unica anterior

direct stratification composite veneers – Unica anterior

by Monaldo Saracinelli & Antonino Nicoló

Dr Saracinelli

Dr. Monaldo Saracinelli

Dr. Monaldo Saracinelli graduated with honors in Dentistry and Dental Prosthetics at the University of Siena on 1985, where he has been very active as Lecturer from 1986 to 2011. Dr. Saracinelli is having a private practice in Grosseto, Italy mainly dedicated to conservative and esthetic dentistry. He is an active member of the Accademia italiana di Conservativa (AIC) since 2005 and of the Italian Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry (IAED) since 2011. Besides his practice activities, Dr. Saracinelli is frequent lecturer in courses on direct and indirect aesthetic composite restorations in anterior and posterior teeth in Italy and abroad.”

doctor dentist Nicolo

Dr. Antonino Nicolò

Dr. Antonino Nicolò graduated cum laude in Dentistry and Dental Prosthetics on 2014. After graduation he has worked in the family dental practice in Reggio Calabria, Italy.
In the decade 2005-2015 he participated in numerous training courses and dental congresses and continues to keep constantly updated mainly in conservative dentistry and prosthetic. Speaker of national and international congresses, Dr. Nicoló is author of various national and international research. From 2015 to 2018 he has been head of communications of the Dental Affairs Committee of the Order of Physicians, Surgeons and Dentists of the province of Reggio Calabria. Since 2015 Honorary Member of Style Italiano, currently cultural secretary of the Reggino Dental Cenacle, and opinion leader for the Calabria of the management software for XDent dental practices of the company CGM.

caso clínico

The patient, a 46 years old woman came to our attention to improve her aesthetics.
A first analysis revealed a combined abrasive-erosive action on both incisors 11 and 21.
We decided to proceed with a direct composite restoration, a single layer, fully adhesive and additive technique without any preparation, only sandblasting.
The following clinical case shows the step-by-step direct composite veneers restoration using the Unica anterior matrix from Polydentia.


1: Pre-operative view showing a combined abrasive-erosive action on both 11 an 21.


2: Unica anterior matrix placed on the tooth. The contoured proximal walls of the matrix carefully embrace the tooth reproducing the anatomy required for the restorations in the anterior region.


3: Unica anterior matrix was fixed using wooden wedges and the tooth surfaces sandblasted.


4: Adhesive procedure: a universal system adhesive with a selective etching approach was used to increase the bonding forces in the enamel.


5: A single-layer of composite was placed and smoothed with paintbrushes and spatulas.


6: The composite was than cured, UNICA anterior and wedges removed, and the veneers finished and polished using abrasive discs and burst. The image shows the final results of the restoration.


One of the most challenging and time-consuming aspect when performing anterior restorations is the correct reproduction of both cervical and interproximal margins.
The contoured shape of the Unica anterior matrix allows to proceed simultaneously to the reconstruction of both cervical and interproximal margins with a significant advantage in terms of shape management and predictability of the restoration.


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