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QuickmatFLEX are ultra-thin (0.03 mm) titanium sectional matrices with excellent elastic memory. Easy to handle, they offer the right balance of flexibility and stiffness to optimise positioning and adaptation in narrow interproximal spaces. The matrices, thanks to their reduced thickness and improved metal alloy, resist deformation as they feature high elastic resilience that enables them to spring back to their original shape.
Class II treatments with QuickmatFLEX sectional matrices and our sectional matrix rings provide predictable restorations with correct anatomy, narrow contact points and smooth composite surfaces that require minimal finishing steps.

QuickmatFLEX sectional matrices have been rated excellent by 77% of clinicians (CR Clinicians Report)


ultra-thin titanium sectional matrices




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Ultra-thin 0,03mm. Facilitated insertion in narrow interproximal spaces, allowing to obtain anatomically correct restorations and tight contact points

Improved elasticity. Easy to handle and adapt

Excellent resilience and elastic memory. Matrices resist deformation thanks to their elastic spring-back

Time-saving solution. Restored anatomies require fewer finishing steps

3 matrix sizes - premolar, molar and molar deep with cervical extension

optimised cervical extension for deep cavity restoration

clinical cases

enjoy the excellent elastic memory and resilience of QuickmatFLEX sectional matrices

comparison of elastic memory between QuickmatFLEX sectional matrices and stainless steel sectional matrices

QuickmatFLEX titanium sectional matrices


stainless steel sectional matrices



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available in

REF 6785
100 pcs. QuickmatFLEX sectional matrices Premolar

Thickness: 0.03mm
Height: 5mm

REF 6786
100 pcs. QuickmatFLEX sectional matrices Molar

Thickness: 0.03mm
Height: 6.4mm

Polydentia_6787_QuickmatFLEX_Molar_Deep_sectional_marix 88x40

REF 6787
50 pcs. QuickmatFLEX sectional matrices Molar Deep

Thickness: 0.03mm
Height: 6.4mm + cervical extension

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