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  • The patient came to our practice for a routine check-up. An initial analysis revealed a class IV carious lesion on lateral incisor 12. We decided to eliminate the carious lesion and proceed with a direct composite restoration of the cavity. The following case study shows the step-by-step restoration procedure using the Polydentia Unica Proximal anterior matrix.

  • The patient came to our practice for the aesthetic modification of multiple diastemas and defective restorations between teeth 11-21 and 21-22; we also took the opportunity of the treatment to improve the overall aesthetics of the anterior region by applying multiple direct stratification composite veneers using Unica Proximal anterior matrices.

  • The patient came to the practice for aesthetic rehabilitation; the analysis revealed old and damaged composite restorations requiring replacement on incisors 11 and 21. The following case provides a step-by-step description of a direct composite restoration using Unica Proximal.