NEW QuickmatFIT, anatomically enhanced sectional matrix for accurate natural contours


Polydentia launches QuickmatFIT,
a new anatomically enhanced sectional matrix for accurate natural contours.


Achieving correct contacts in Class II cavities is the most challenging clinically-relevant aspect for clinicians.

Choosing a matrix able to mimic or reproduce the original morphology of the tooth and its curvatures is the first step towards a successful aesthetic and functional restoration.

QuickmatFIT from Polydentia are the new anatomically enhanced stainless steel sectional matrices with a 0.04 mm thickness available in three anatomical shapes to cover all types of Class II posterior restorations.QuickmatFIT matrices are especially indicated in case of wide interproximal spaces and large cavities.

Easy to handle thanks to their placement tabs, QuickmatFIT matrices feature a rolled ridge on the occlusal margin for easy marginal ridge restoration.
The accentuated curvature of QuickmatFIT fits snugly around the tooth for improved fit and stability*, thus facilitating the attainment of proper restoration anatomy.

The placement tabs (occlusal/buccal/lingual) afford easier and faster matrix insertion and removal, as the tip is easy to grasp with forceps for correct positioning.


  • enhanced natural curvature: 3D contoured matrices ensure anatomically accurate restorations
  • easy to handle: the placement tabs (occlusal/buccal/lingual) afford easier and faster matrix insertion and removal (the tip is easy to grasp with forceps for correct positioning)
  • time-saving solution: anatomically accurate restorations reduce the time required for shaping and finishing
  • three matrix shapes (premolar, molar and molar deep)
  • thin, rigid but burnishable
  • molar deep version for an effective cervical margin seal

*compared to other Polydentia matrices

Using an QuickmatFIT anatomically enhanced sectional matrix in combination with a sectional matrix ring (myQuickmat Forte ring with myTines extremities) and interdental wedges (myWedge plastic V-shaped wedges) as part of a complete sectional matrix system ensures the successful restoration of class II cavities with a natural tooth anatomy.

QuickmatFIT Dr David Gerdolle Class II adjacent cavities on 1st and 2nd molar
Courtesy of Dr. David Gerdolle (Switzerland)
Polydentia QuickmatFIT Premolar matrices
Courtesy of Dr. Cristian Scognamiglio and Dr. Alessandro Perucchi (Switzerland)

Find out how your daily restoration routine will benefit from using QuickmatFIT anatomically enhanced sectional matrices on the dedicated product page.

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