Polydentia presents a new improved version of the Vista-Tec protective face shield


Polydentia presents
a new improved version of the Vista-Tec protective face shield


Face shields are personal protective equipment devices used for protection against non-specific mechanical hazards, in professional activities where there is risk of flying fine particles, in the dental field, in dental laboratory or other working environments that require similar protection.

Generally used in conjunction with other protective equipment such as gowns, gloves and face masks.

In addition to their protective function, face shields should ideally be comfortable to wear over work hours.

The Vista-Tec laStoria protective face shield by Polydentia has been redesigned with increased robustness, enhanced ergonomics and frame fitting and is now simply Vista-Tec.

The improved version is available in a worthwhile kit with five shields (instead of the current two) and features:

  • 1 – optimized and raised nosepiece, shaped for extending the upper limit of the useful field of view
  • 2 – straight ergonomic and universal temples for more comfortable frame fitting

Ultra-lightweight by design, the Vista-Tec reusable face shield is a CE EN 166:2001 certified Class II PPE made of durable polycarbonate. Vista-Tec can be worn comfortably for long periods without visual distortion nor eye fatigue. It ensures a wide field of vision. Disinfectable and easy to clean, the Vista-Tec shields are made in Switzerland and feature an adjustable silicone headband that enables optimized stability and comfort.

Find out more about the improved Vista-Tec protective face shield on the dedicated product page.

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