the brand

For more than 40 years, with great pride, we have been developing and producing dental products in southern Switzerland.
We are a family business where the new generation has managed to maintain the strong authentic Swiss entrepreneurial values, bringing great dynamism to the development of new products, constantly listening to the needs of the market and creating strong ties and collaborations with Opinion Leaders world-wide. Passion, innovation and quality guide us in our daily life looking for practical and attractive solutions to benefit the needs of modern conservative and aesthetic dentistry of our times.

product categories

matrix system
splinting instruments
tools and accessories
faceshields and eyeshields



All in one sectional matrix ring with integrated forceps that allows for one-hand placement, simply using the fingers – no special ring forceps is required. Its autoclavable plastic tines ensure perfect adaptation of the matrix on palatine/lingual and buccal walls, strongly reducing the need for finishing steps and therefore saving time.

myClip 2.0 Separator Ring with forceps


clinical cases