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For more than 40 years, with great pride, we have been developing and producing dental products in southern Switzerland.
We are a family business where the new generation has managed to maintain the strong authentic Swiss entrepreneurial values, bringing great dynamism to the development of new products, constantly listening to the needs of the market and creating strong ties and collaborations with Opinion Leaders world-wide. Passion, innovation and quality guide us in our daily life looking for innovative, practical and attractive solutions to benefit the needs of modern conservative and aesthetic dentistry of our times.

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sectional matrices

enjoy the elastic memory

QuickmatFLEX are ultra-thin (0.03 mm) titanium sectional matrices with excellent elastic memory. Easy to handle, they offer the right balance of flexibility and stiffness to optimise positioning and adaptation in narrow interproximal spaces. The matrices, thanks to their reduced thickness and improved metal alloy, resist deformation as they feature high elastic resilience that enables them to spring back to their original shape.
Class II treatments with QuickmatFLEX sectional matrices and our sectional matrix rings provide predictable restorations with correct anatomy, narrow contact points and smooth composite surfaces that require minimal finishing steps.



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