Dr. Gerdolle – Class II Mesial, Distal and MOD – MyClip 2.0 + LumiContrast

Class II Mesial, Distal and MOD – MyClip 2.0

by David Gerdolle

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Dr. David Gerdolle

Dr. Gerdolle graduated from the Dental Faculty of Nancy in 1993. Since 1995, he has achieved many Post graduations in Prosthodontics, Forensic Medicine and Forensic Dentistry. From 1996 to 2005 he has been Lecturer at the School of Dentistry of Nancy, and is still very active as responsible for postgraduate training of adhesive and biomimentic dentistry at the university of Paris, as well as Certified Instructor of the Academy of Biomimentic Dentistry.
Dr. Gerdolle is having a private practice in Switzerland since 2005 and his practice is dedicated to conservative and minimally invasive dentistry. Beside his academic and practice activities, he is a frequent speaker and lecturer in seminars, congresses and hands-on courses mainly in the field of restorative dentistry. Dr.Gerdolle is also very active as author or co-author of scientific national and international publications.

case report

A 48-years-old female patient, smoker, presented a secondary lesion under a previous amalgam restoration on premolar 15, a secondary lesion under composite restoration on premolar 14 distal and a new carious lesion on molar 16 mesial. The following case shows the direct composite restoration of the lesions using the Polydentia myClip 2.0, LumiContrast sectional matrix system and wood wedges.

1: Pre-operative view of 14 and 15 premolar and 16 molar showing a previous composite amalgam filling on the 15, a secondary carious lesion under previous composite restoration on the 14d and carious lesion on molar 16m.

2: Preoperative X-Ray view.

3: Prepared cavities.

4: Insulation of 15 using Teflon tape. The 16 equipped with the LumiContrast Ring, LumiContrast sectional matrix and wooden wedges. Delta Tubes have been used to
improve the adaptation of the LumiContrast matrix to the palatine wall. The cavity has been than filled with composite. The same procedure has been applied for the restoration of the class II cavity on the 14.

5: Occlusal view before finishing and polishing.

6: Complete restoration of 14 and 16.

7: #15 presenting a MOD cavity has been equipped with the LumiContrast ring on the distal surface and myClip 2.0 on mesial, LumiContrast sectional matrices and wooden wedges.

8: As first, the distal interproximal wall of the 15 has been restored. Further the sectional matrix has been removed using myQuickmatrix forceps.

9: Restoration of the mesial surface.

10: #15 after restoration of the distal and mesial interproximal walls.

11: The occlusal cavity filled with composite before finishing and polishing.

12: Post-operative view of the restoration.

13: Follow up image showing the restoration after 2.5 months.


The myClip 2.0 is a very useful tool for posterior class II restoration. It’s easy to handle, the tines have a geometry and rigidity which allow to form the matrix very effectively
on the palatine and buccal walls. This saves time for the finishing steps and ensures a good proximal morphology.
The LumiContrast sectional matrix kit is a very reliable and established solution for the restoration of Class II MOD cavities.


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