Dr. Chiodera – Class III restoration – Unica anterior

Class III restoration – Unica anterior

by Dr. Giuseppe Chiodera

dr Chiodera

Dr. Giuseppe Chiodera

Dr. Chiodera graduated in Dentistry at the University of Brescia .
In year 2004 he won a scholarship at Kings College University of London.
Member of Style Italiano, Dr. Chiodera is having a private practice in Italy since 2006 and his practice is mainly dedicated to conservative dentistry and endodontics .
Dr. Chiodera is also very active as author of National and International Journal articles, as well as Lecturer in many Universities.


case report

The patient came to our attention for a regular check. A first analysis revealed a class III carious lesion on incisor 21. We decided to eliminate the carious lesion and proceed with a direct composite restoration of the cavity.
The following case study shows the step-by-step restoration procedure using the Polydentia Unica anterior matrix.

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1: Pre-operative view of incisors 11 and 21 evidencing the class III carious lesion on #21, mesial. Pre-wedging was performed to allow for a simpler matrix positioning.

Chiodera Class 3 Restoration Unica anterior

2: The clinical situation after removal of the carious lesion and cleaning of the proximal area.

Chiodera Class 3 Restoration Unica anterior

3: Etching of the cavity: it is a good practice to protect the adjacent teeth using Teflon tape.

Chiodera Class 3 Restoration Unica anterior

4: Unica anterior matrix placed on incisor 21 and fixed in place using a wooden wedge. The contoured shape of the matrix embraces the teeth and help the practitioner to better see where the proximal edge will be placed.

Chiodera Class 3 Restoration Unica anterior

5: Incisor 21 after filling the cavity with composite.

Chiodera Class 3 Restoration Unica anterior

6: Immediate post-operatory image after finishing and polishing. The contoured proximal walls of the matrix ensure an accurate proximal morphology with minimal finishing.


Unica anterior powered by Style Italiano è uno strumento molto performante per i restauri diretti in composito sui denti anteriori.
Grazie alla sua forma anatomica, Unica si adatta correttamente alle differenti morfologie e permette di restaurare in maniera semplice e veloce i contorni inter-prossimali, anche in presenza di cavità di classe III molto estese che compromettono in modo consistente il profilo del dente.


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