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Style Italiano

Style Italiano is a group of passionate clinicians and researchers, who are in constant development of materials and techniques for aesthetic and conservative dentistry. Their philosophy is based on developing solutions to make excellence in aestethic and functional dentistry attainable by all. For Polydentia, the collaboration with Style Italiano is more than just a source of inspiration. It is an opportunity to constantly renew its commitment to put excellence in Swiss manufacturing at the service of dentistry worldwide.


products developed together

myCustom Rings separator

myCustom Rings kit

myCustom Rings kit has been developed in partnership with Style Italiano, a study group of clinicians and researchers specialized in aesthetic and restorative dentistry. This kit is conceived for the application of an innovative technique developed by Style Italiano.
The myCustom Rings technique allows to easily recreate the pre-existing interproximal anatomy. The ring tines are custom-shaped by taking an impression of the healthy and intact proximal walls using the included light curable myCustom Resin. This enables to achieve strong contact points and precise proximal contour during restoration.
The myCustom Rings kit also features a complete selection of assorted, thin Sectional Matrix Bands powered by Style Italiano (Quickmat, LumiContrast, and Transparent), as well as Interdental Maple Wood Wedges, and the newly re-designed Delta Tubes, also powered by Style Italiano.

unica anterior matrix for conservative aesthetics dentistry

Unica anterior

Unica is the simple and ideal matrix for anterior restorations such as class III, IV, V, direct stratification composite veneers, and shape modifications. The placement wings allow fast and efficient matrix placement. Unica, thanks to its countoured shape, adapts correctly to the different morphologies of anterior teeth and makes it possible to restore interproximal and cervical margins at once, even in presence of rubber-dam or gingival retraction cords, thus reducing chair-time significantly. Furthermore, Unica anterior matrix, once positioned, allows to easily visualise the final shape of the restoration.

Diamond24 Separator Rings Tubes on myRing Classico


Diamond24 are anatomically shaped silicon tubes designed to be used with Polydentia’s sectional matrix ring “myRing Classico”, Diamond24 can be oriented in 24 different combinations of shape and length ensuring an optimal matrix retention and adaption to the tooth even in case of difficult clinical situations.

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