myJunior kit: the first sectional matrix system for paediatric dentistry


the first paediatric sectional matrix system:
myJunior kit.

Maintaining a healthy primary dentition is essential for the proper development of children. Restoring primary molars not only prevents the spreading of infections but also preserves the space needed for the correct growth of future permanent teeth.
Despite the importance, paediatric dentists who perform Class II restorations on milk teeth were constrained to use standard adult sectional matrix systems, which are not suitable for the small size of children’s mouths and teeth.

Today this is no longer the case… We are very proud to introduce the latest innovation of our sectional matrix system range: myJunior kit.

myJunior kit is the first sectional matrix system for paediatric dentistry, which was specially developed to suit smaller milk and young permanent teeth. It enables dentists to achieve predictable restorations and ideal contact surfaces. The kit offers child-friendly solutions that help to save chair-time and reduce the distress of children.

Let’s look at the kit content

myClip Junior and myRing Junior, two rings of pediatric sectional matrices in nickel-titanium. These rings feature minimally invasive, brightly colored solutions that allow for more comfortable conservative treatment of milk teeth and young, low crown height permanent teeth.

myTines Junior and Silicone tubes. Two unique sets of rings’ extremities that can be mounted on both myClip Junior and myRing Junior. These junior extremities increase the grip of the sectional matrix ring should the clinical situation so requires.

Junior steel matrices. Our matrices are 0.04mm thin, offering the ideal thinness and size for the narrow proximal spaces of children. The kit also includes our innovative dark blue LumiContrast steel matrices that significantly improve the identification of the operative field and prevent eye-fatigue from light reflections compared to the traditional sectional matrices.

A selection of wooden and hollow, V-shaped, high-tech plastic wedges.

Additionally, we have handy refills designed to replenish your myJunior kit and keep your little patients healthy and smiling.

myjunior kit paediatric sectional matrix system

Surprise your young patients with our reward sticker

Surprise the best-behaved patients and encorage them to keep doing a great job at maintaining their teeth healthy and sound. Reward your best young patients with our included reward sticker. They will proudly wear it and show it to all their mates and parents, and they will return for their next dentist appointment with a big smile.

sticker for best patients paediatric dentistry

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