New circumferential matrix system: myQuickmat All-round


new circumferential matrix system
myQuickmat All-round


We are very proud to announce the launch of our latest solution for restorative and conservative dentistry: myQuickmat All-round circumferential matrix system.

myQuicmat All-round sistema di matrici circonferenziali by Polydentia developed with StyleItaliano

Developed in collaboration with StyleItaliano, myQuickmat All-round circumferential matrix system enables doctors to confidently perform complex posterior restorations such as MOD cavities, teeth with missing cusps, Class IIs with adjacent missing teeth. It also allows for the isolation of teeth for core build-ups.

myQuickmat All-round is available as a practical kit and contains:

  • Quickmat All-round circumferential matrices. Easy to hand-tighten, Quickmat All-round feature a convex profile and ultra-thin thickness (0.03mm) for correct, anatomically contoured restorations and tight contact points.
  • API, the Autoclavable Placement Instrument, facilitates the positioning of the matrices and provides support to avoid the risk of deforming the matrices during manual tightening.
  • The Wedge interdental wedges combine flexibility and rigidity to adapt and hold the matrix in place once inserted.

The system myQuickmat All-round simplifies posterior restorative treatments. It enables doctors to position the matrices comfortably and firmly wrap them around lesioned teeth to quickly achieve ideal results with tight contact points and natural anatomies.

In addition, the absence of bulky fixed matrix holders allows you to work on an obstacle-free and easily accessible clinical field while also allowing for the placement of multiple matrices on the same quadrant.

We invite you to watch the following video to learn more about our new myQuickmat All-round circumferential matrix system.


Find out more about myQuickmat All-round circumferential matrix system on the dedicated product page.

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