Polydentia presents PolydentiaPRO, the new interproximal protection matrix


Polydentia presents PolydentiaPRO,
the new interproximal protection matrix for excellent protection of adjacent teeth during cavity preparations

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Numerous studies show that iatrogenic damage, which can occur during Class II cavity preparations, is still a risk in modern dentistry. Indeed, having to remove carious tissue with rotary instruments in very often confined spaces, the operator may inadvertently strike the adjacent tooth and cause abrasions.

Preparing teeth for restorative treatments could seriously jeopardise the integrity of the proximal structure of adjacent teeth, causing possible future negative repercussions.

To prevent such unintended damage, Polydentia is launching PolydentiaPRO, the new solution to effectively protect adjacent teeth.

Clinical image by Dr Chiodera
PolydentiaPRO protection matrix interproximal protection Polydentia Dr Nicolo' Clinical Image
Clinical image by Dr Nicolò

PolydentiaPRO is a preshaped and contoured matrix that resists rotary and abrasive stresses from burs, etching agents, and sandblasting.

The matrix allows to:

  • protect the integrity of the adjacent tooth during preparation (sandblasting, etching and drilling)
  • save polishing and finishing time thanks to scratch-free surface of adjacent teeth
  • prevent further complications and/or interventions

In addition, using PolydentiaPro with a wooden wedge allows the operator to easily customise the wedge, shaping it so that it will not interfere with the sectional matrix when reconstructing the proximal wall.

Learn about PolydentiaPRO interproximal protection matrices on the dedicated product page.

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