New year, new dental solutions


New year:
New dental solutions

Polydentia hopes you had a nice break and began this year recharged and ready for new challenges and successes in dentistry.
2018 came to a close, and for Polydentia, last year saw two exciting innovations launched on the dental market.

The first solution is the new matrix system Unica anterior powered by StyleItaliano, that allows dentists to easily carry out anterior restorations in just one session and permits to restore Class III, IV, V, apply direct stratifications of composite veneers and, achieve shape modifications. If you would like to reduce your patients’ turnaround, discover the advantages of Unica anterior here. .

The second product is another device for restorative dentistry, Diamond24 powered by StyleItaliano. Diamond24 are anatomic silicone tubes to be used with myRing Classico sectional matrix ring, that enable doctors to achieve ideal Class II restorations. If you missed Diamond24,
check out the product’s page and read Dr. Chiodera’s Clinical case, who successfully performs a posterior restoration with Diamond24 and myRing Classico.

And looking forward to 2019, Polydentia has more great news in store for all of you.


We begin this year with a present. A year-long present. For the whole 2019, we will offer 2 pairs of Diamond24 in every myQuickmat Classico Kit and myCustom Rings’ Kit, so dentists can take full advantage of the flexibility of our sectional matrix systems and achieve those tight contacts every molar and premolar deserve.

The second news for this first semester is the launch of two new products at IDS 2019 Dental Fair in Cologne this March. These new solutions will complete our offering and expand the scope of application of our sectional matrix systems. (we’ll reveal more in the next few weeks…)
Moreover, IDS 2019 will be an important occasion to see our products in action with daily live products demos, explained by members of StyleItaliano.

Stay tuned on our website and social media Facebook and Instagram  for more information and announcements.

We promise this year is going to be an exciting one.

Happy 2019!