Clipon and Shields

Clipon and Shields

Clipon are plastic clips designed to mount the shields on prescription eyeglasses. For professionals working with loupes, the L-Clipon option is available. This solution includes Clipon and L-shields, a larger version of the shields.
Clipon can be inserted on common temples up to 1cm high.

Protective shields for glasses and loupes



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video guide: how to insert Clipon on eyeglasses


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Clipon and protective shields for eyeglasses

2 Clipon, 5 shields – REF 5622

5 shields – REF 5647

10 shields – REF 5646

10 Clipon – REF 5623

L-Clipon and shields for loupes

2 Clipon, 5 L-shields for loupes – REF 5630

10 L-shields for loupes – REF 5632

10 Clipon – REF 5623

Clipon and shields are not PPEs

Clipon clips and protective shields for eyeglasses

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