New ultra-thin titanium sectional matrices QuickmatFLEX.


new ultra-thin titanium sectional matrices QuickmatFLEX
enjoy the elastic memory

We are very proud to announce the launch of our latest solution for restorative and conservative dentistry: QuickmatFLEX sectional matrices.

Polydentia QuickmatFlex ultra-thin titanium sectional matrices developed with StyleItaliano

Proudly developed in collaboration with StyleItaliano, QuickmatFLEX are ultra-thin (0.03 mm) titanium sectional matrices with excellent elastic memory.

QuickmatFLEX are available in three different shapes, premolar, molar, and molar deep (with cervical extension).  They are easy to handle and offer the right balance of flexibility and stiffness for optimised positioning and adaptation in narrow interproximal spaces.

QuickmatFLEX, thanks to their reduced thickness and improved metal alloy, resist deformation as they feature high elastic resilience that enables them to spring back to their original shape.

We invite you to watch the following product video and discover how your daily restoration routine will benefit from employing QuickmatFLEX sectional matrices.


Find out more about QuickmatFLEX sectional matrices on the dedicated product page.

For demonstrations and/or sales enquiry, please contact your preferred Polydentia international distribution partner.

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