Visit Us at ADF Paris 2019


Visit us at
ADF 2019

Polydentia is excited to attend the ADF expo (French Dental Association Congress) in Paris from the 27th to the 30th of November 2019.  ADF is the yearly appointment that marks the occasion to showcase our innovations of the year internationally. This year, you will find us at stand 1M22 in collaboration with our official French partner: Les Laboratoires Pred.

Visit us and discover:

  • our new sectional matrix rings’ extremities developed to restore teeth of different crown heights and large cavities.
  • our new matrix solutions that will help you optimise treatment time and achieve ideal posterior and anterior restorations.
  • the industry’s absolute novelty, our myJunior kit: the first sectional matrix system for paediatric dentistry.
ADF Paris 2019 Polydentia Sectional Matrix Systems dental solutions

Our latest dental products in details:

myTines Small, Medium e Large

myTines Small, Medium, and Large are new autoclavable, replaceable, and interchangeable ring’s extremities especially developed to be fitted on myClip 2.0 and myRing Forte. These extremities provide excellent adaptation of Polydentia’s sectional matrices to a wide range of clinical situations and teeth of different crown heights. In case of different tooth morphologies, the ability to combine myTines Small with myTines Medium on the same Polydentia’s sectional ring, provide an improved matrix adaptation to the teeth and a firm grip, thus reducing composite flashes and optimising stability. myTines Large, instead, offer the ideal system when dealing with restorations of wide cavity even in case of a missing cusp.

mytines estremities for sectional matrix rings
myJunior kit

myJunior kit is the first sectional matrix system for paediatric dentistry, especially developed to suit smaller deciduous and young permanent teeth. The kit offers child-friendly solutions that help saving valuable chair-time and reduce the distress of children. Two junior sectional matrix rings are included in the kit, myClip Junior and myRing Junior. These minimally invasive, bright-coloured paediatric rings combine stability with the right separation force, which enables dentists to achieve ideal contact surfaces. In addition, the extra grip provided by the flexible extremities myTines Junior and the rounded silicone tubes ensure a better adaptation of the sectional matrices, hence preventing annoying composite flashes and overhangs.

myjunior kit sectional matrix systems for pedodontists
Unica anterior powered by Style Italiano

Unica anterior is the simple and ideal matrix for anterior restorations such as class III, IV, V, direct stratification composite veneers, and shape modifications. Thanks to its contoured shape, Unica anterior adapts correctly to the different morphologies of anterior teeth and makes it possible to restore proximal and cervical margins at once, even in presence of rubber-dam or gingival retraction cords, thus reducing chair-time significantly. The placement wings allow fast and efficient matrix positioning. Furthermore, Unica anterior once positioned allows to easily visualise the final shape of the restoration, even before starting the procedure.

unica anterior anterior steel matrix
Diamond24 powered by Style Italiano

Diamond24 are anatomically shaped silicone tubes designed to be used with Polydentia’s sectional matrix ring “myRing Classico“, Diamond24 can be oriented in 24 different combinations of shape and length ensuring an optimal matrix retention and adaption to the tooth even in case of difficult clinical situations.

diamond24 24 solutions for Class II restorations

We invite you to our french partner’s at stand Les Laboratoires Pred 1M22 and learn more about our latest products. In the meantime, you can consult the clinical cases on our website and get inspired by the restorative work of Opinion Leaders from all over the world. Furthermore, we are pleased to offer you access to exclusive clinical content, next event announcements, and product updates on our social media pages.

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We look forward to seeing you at ADF.