Unica anterior: the one solution for anterior restoration


Unica anterior:
the one solution for anterior restoration.

In modern dentistry, aesthetic plays a very important role. The demand for aesthetic and conservative dentistry has been increasing constantly in the last decade as more and more patients desire beautiful smiles.

However, until recently, the lack of a single anatomically convex solution that would enable dentists to achieve predictable anterior restorations was a real challenge to dentistry. Moreover, restorative treatments performed using existing matrixing systems did not allow doctors to easily manage the emergence profile and the transitional angles and, often lead to composite flashes and overhangs. As a result, these restorations required longer chair-time as well as lengthy polishing and finishing procedures.

Nowadays, dentists can benefit from an innovative and cost-effective solution developed by Polydentia in partnership with StyleItaliano: Unica anterior.
Unica anterior is the simple and ideal matrix for anterior restorations such as class III, IV, V, direct stratification composite veneers, and shape modifications.
Thanks to its contoured shape, Unica anterior adapts correctly to the different morphologies of anterior teeth and makes it possible to restore proximal and cervical margins at once, even in presence of rubber-dam or gingival retraction cords, thus reducing chair time significantly. The matrix features placement wings that allow fast and efficient positioning. Furthermore, Unica anterior once positioned allows to easily visualise the final shape of the restoration, even before starting the procedure.

unica anterior restoration veneers Dr Manauta

Composite veneers

Dr. Jordi Manauta, DDS
Sestri Levante, Italy

dr Lazar unica anterior restorations aesthetics restorative dentistry

Class III restoration

Dr. Giuseppe Chiodera
Brescia, Italy

dr Lazar unica anterior dental matrix esthetics conservative dentistry

Class IV restoration

Dr. Dan Lazar
Oradea, Romania

Class V restoration Dr Chiodera Unica anterior

Class V restoration

Dr. Giuseppe Chiodera
Brescia, Italy

DR Villares Shape Modification Unica anterior

Shape Modification

Dr. Carlos Fernádez Villares
Madrid, Spain

Unica anterior allows to:

–    Restore both proximal and cervical margins at once

–    Anatomically restore the proximal margins thanks to its contoured profile

–    Easily manage the cervical area thanks to the predictability of the restoration and gingival retraction


Unica anterior powered by Style Italiano

“In today’s conservative dentistry, the choice of products and the techniques we apply everyday must be predictable and cost effective, incorporating clear-cut advantages to our daily procedures. Unica anterior is the solution to everyday anterior restorations, whether it be class III, IV, V, shape modifications, and/or composite veneers in direct stratification technique. One effective matrix for everyday anterior aesthetic and functional results.”

Dr. Jordi Manauta,
DDS Head of StyleItaliano Idea Factory
Sestri Levante, Italy

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